Two Night Stay at the Hilton Gaslamp Hotel Plus a 2005 Rieussac – Valued at $400

Enjoy some time in the Gaslamp District with a two night stay at the Hilton Gaslamp Hotel, three blocks from Petco Park.

End your day by corking your 2005 Rieussec. Produced in the Bordeaux region of western France, it’s composed mostly of Semillon and sometimes with some Sauvignon Blanc grapes. It’s sweet. The sweetness results from an unusual process. Late in the year, the grapes that will become sauternes of this quality become infected with a fungus (Botrytis cineria – which in other circumstances destroys fruit). On these grapes, however, its destruction is a gift. The effect of the infection is that the grape loses fluid so that when picked, the percentage of sugar in the must (the liquid produced by pressing the grapes) has a very high sugar content. The wine is fermented but the fermenting yeast is insufficient to convert all the sugar to alcohol, so that sugar remains. The other great bonus that the mold brings is unique flavors to the wine. When I say unique, I mean wonderful, These wines can live long lives in the bottle, but this one is great to drink now. Wine kindly donated by SDCBF Board Member, Allen Snyder.