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Foster Children

The foster care system can be daunting for the thousands of California children struggling to navigate it. Many foster children regularly move between homes and caretakers and struggle to find consistency in their lives. They face additional challenges at school and often do not have strong role models. Without an advocate to fight for them, foster children can get lost in the legal system. We provide grants to San Diego organizations that provide much needed guidance and advocacy for foster children.


When refugees come to San Diego to seek asylum, they are in dire need of legal assistance. They come from ravaged countries and devastating backgrounds. Some have even survived torture. They’re trying to escape the nightmare they’ve been living. We provide financial assistance to help them through the legal red tape on their long journey of recovery. We help them regain their dignity and a sense of peace. Your contributions make that possible.

Elder Abuse

Often, they suffer in silence. Elderly people can be abused, neglected and exploited by family members, friends or caregivers. And the huge number of reported cases are only “the tip of the iceberg.” Many elderly women and men are frail and vulnerable, and cannot help themselves. They might be abandoned or emotionally abused. We give grants to San Diego organizations that reach out to elderly victims of terrible acts. Your donation helps make their work possible.