We stand beside people of color as we work toward positive change.

June 12, 2020

Black lives matter. The San Diego County Bar Foundation (SDCBF) stands with the San Diego County Bar Association and our community in condemning racism and violence against people of color, and in our shared commitment to working toward positive change.

For decades, our mission has been to provide access to justice by investing in organizations advocating for people in San Diego impacted by poverty, abuse and discrimination. Aligned with our mission, we stand with those who are victims of systemic racism, and we pledge to continue our efforts fighting against racism in all its forms. We must ensure that access to justice is the kind of justice that truly addresses the bias, prejudice and disproportionate inequities that continue to plague our communities of color. Justice must be the guiding star for the entire legal system, holding accountable those who engage in the unjust and brutal treatment of others based on the color of their skin, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

Our hearts are heavy, but our resolve is steadfast in our ongoing support for organizations that effectuate positive change for the underrepresented in San Diego County. Our individual voices must band together to resonate the message that we are committed to equitable treatment and equal justice for all.