Collio Pinot Grigio Schiopetto – Valued at $40

The wine is obtained exclusively from Pinot Grigio grapes, a varietal of French origin, cultivated in hilly areas, in soil which is of average marl composition. The bunches are small with round grapes red – grey in colour, and like Pinot Bianco it derives from a mutation of Pinot Nero. The grapes are hand picked, pressed in a soft press after which there follows a brief period of decantation in total absence of sulphur dioxide. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks under a controlled temperature. The ageing takes place on the lees for 8 months. The aroma is fresh and inviting, with notes of banana and passion fruit. Savory on the palate with an intriguing freshness that gives drinkability and complexity.

Generously donated from the wine cellar of Allen Snyder