2010 Topos Napa & 2014 Steps Reserve – Valued at $75

Topos Napa Cab – I have no idea how this ended up in my cellar. Most likely recommended by my spy in Napa. At this price, you have nothing to lose, especially if you like fruit driven read wines. Note it is 10 years old, so the tannins should have abated and it should be very smooth.

Steps Reserve Cab – I do know how this got into my cellar. It was the only survivor of more than a case of this wine. Sent by my Napa spy, it’s all one would want in a good young Napa cab. Body, fruit, finish and cheaper than most anything you can find in a wine store. In my opinion, the wines from 2014 in Napa were institutionally underrated and so the prices are unnaturally low.

From the impressive cellar of SDCBF Board Member, Allen Snyder.