San Diego County Bar Foundation Announces Call for Grant Applications

Submissions for 2016 Legal Services Grant Cycle Due September 1

A refugee in a new country with no one to guide them, a senior whose finances are mismanaged by their adult children, and someone with no financial means to get a restraining order from a mentally-ill ex-husband ….

These are just some of the people helped by the San Diego County Bar Foundation’s (SDCBF) annual grants. Awarded to local organizations that offer legal services and promote understanding of the legal system with funds used to assist victims of poverty, abuse and discrimination, the grants also support programs that educate children and adults about the legal process and individuals’ rights and responsibilities.

As the charitable arm of the San Diego County Bar Foundation and the San Diego legal community at large, the Foundation has supported more than 50 legal aid and public interest organizations over the years. The 2016 Grant Applications are now open, with submissions due September 1, 2016.

“At some point in an individual’s life, they need the assistance of a lawyer and often times these are during a life altering situations,” said Brent Douglas, president of the SDCBF board of directors. “For many in our community the cost of legal services makes hiring a lawyer impossible. For others, a lack of understanding of their rights prevents them from even understanding that they need assistance in navigating the legal system. These are the people the Foundation serves.”

The SDCBF also funds private groups that train lawyers and laypeople to be advocates for the underserved, and is the only organization in the region that funds these collective works.

The SDCBF operates with an independent board comprised of leading local attorneys and businesspeople. The board and foundation staff expertly vet every organization before a grant is given.

The Foundation’s funds come from contributions from San Diego’s legal and business communities and from fundraising programs throughout the year, including its annual fundraiser, “Evening in La Jolla,” coming up on Saturday, Sept. 17. Since its inception, the SDCBF has granted more than $2 million throughout San Diego County.

Organizations interested in applying for a grant can read the guidelines and submit an application at: