Distinguished Lawyer Memorial Honoree

Howard Wayne

Howard was first in his family to attend college, entering San Diego State at 15. After graduating Cum laude from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1972, Howard clerked for the California Court of Appeal. He then joined the California Attorney General’s Office for a total of forty-two years as a Deputy. Howard believed the Attorney General’s office was the best place in California to practice pure law in the name of public good. 

Howard was active in Democratic politics and met his wife, Mary Lundberg, at a Democratic club event. Howard was always interested in public office and served in the State Assembly from 1996 to 2002. In his first term he headed the Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials.  

One of his proudest achievements was fulfilling a promise to constituents, by creating an ocean pollution bill which required the first ever testing of ocean water for pollutants. While in the Assembly, he was known as a lawyer’s lawyer, who would pick apart bills word by word and sentence and sentence until they did what their authors intended them to do.

After retirement in 2021, Howard sought out work that would allow him to protect public interest. Howard applied and was selected for the San Diego County Grand Jury. The last eight years of Howard’s life he dedicated his skills to land use issues and was driving force on his community planning board with particular emphasis on access to affordable housing.