Distinguished Lawyer Memorial Honoree


Michael Shea

Lawyer and scholar, Mike was a mentor and teacher to generations of lawyers, judges and law students. Generous with his time, and gracious with his assistance, he was always available to those who sought his counsel. Family, friends and fans survive him -- children (3 plus Heather), 5 grandchildren, La Jefa and the other women "who were crazy about him," colleagues from the Bar Dinner, and friends who "handicapped" with him at Del Mar. He enjoyed so many events: the Ashworths’ wedding anniversary (with one or both of them), the Olympic games, the Boston Red Sox and meeting Ted Williams. He left a legacy of courage and healthy competition -- in the courtroom, swimming to/from Alcatraz Island with Tony Joseph, and on the championship St. Augustine High School basketball team. He feared nothing, loved life, travel (especially Ireland) and entertained us all (including his notable "singing" at Starlight). We appreciated his unmatched sense of humor, his love of people and the example he set for us as lawyers and friends. We miss him more than we can measure. (Created by a collaborative effort of Lynne, Heather, Karen, Kathy and Tom)