Distinguished Lawyer Memorial Honoree


Dan Hedin

Born in Illinois and raised in Mexico, Dan Hedin was a caring father, beloved grandfather, respected colleague and accomplished attorney. He was a bilingual high school graduate by the age of 16 and, after being turned down by Stanford because of his young age, pursued his undergraduate studies at Duke University. More than a decade later, after serving in two wars and working in private industry, he was admitted to Stanford Law School. In 1957, one year after graduating from law school, Mr. Hedin joined Higgs, Fletcher & Mack. He took on several high-profile cases – including asbestos litigation and suits involving the second-worst hotel fire in history at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. His clients over the years included the tuna industry, Rohr Industries and San Diego Gas & Electric Co. Mr. Hedin would go on to a four-decade legal career, earning a reputation as one of San Diego’s most respected trial attorneys and rising to managing partner of Higgs, Fletcher & Mack. Known for his hands-on style, Mr. Hedin took pride in being a mentor and role model for his younger associates. After formally retiring in 1991, he continued to serve in an administrative capacity with Higgs, Fletcher & Mack until 2002.