Give an Hour


Give an Hour ... or Whatever You Can!


A veteran who needs legal help to get housing.

An immigrant escaping human trafficking. 

A domestic violence survivor seeking child custody.

These are just a few of the many San Diegans in need of access to justice.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time (or probono hours) to help.

… but we can give the equivalent of just one hour of our billable time through San Diego County Bar Foundation’s “Give an Hour” campaign.

What is “Give an Hour”?

The San Diego County Bar Foundation is calling for all local  attorneys, judges, legal professionals and community members to donate the monetary equivalent of one hour of your billable time or an amount you see fit. We know time is scarce, but we also know time is money. Giving an hour this way can make a huge difference.

Where Does My Donation Go?

Your entire donation goes to provide access to justice to underserved San Diegans. The Bar Foundation undergoes a thorough review process of local charitable organizations and awards grants to those that strive to close the justice gap by supporting thousands of children, elderly, domestic violence victims, immigrants, veterans and so many more in need.

What Organizations Will I Help?

Since its inception, the Bar Foundation has granted more than $2 million to 50 legal aid and public interest organizations throughout San Diego County!

Your one-time or recurring donation will help a wide variety of individuals and groups. Past grantees include Casa Cornelia, Community Resource Center’s Legal Advocacy Program, Father Joe’s Villages Homeless Court Program, Legal Aid Society of San Diego’s East County Courthouse Clinic and many more. For a full list of previous grantees, please visit


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