Mrs. Cassandra Thorson

Thorson Law Group
SDCBF Director

Cassandra Thorson, graduated from Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles, California. She went on to receive a Master’s Degree in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University School of Law, Washington D.C. Cassandra’s mother immigrated from Singapore when she married Cassandra’s father and moved to a small town in Kansas. Due to a lack of a consulate in the small town, her mother had to wait until she moved to San Diego to complete the citizenship naturalization process, but Cassandra recalls her mother becoming a citizen as a highlight of her high-school years. These experiences have helped shape her views on who needs the most help and how she can provide it. A career dedicated to helping those suffering from traumatic brain injuries, Cassandra Thorson is a fierce trial attorney who fights with her years of experience, knowledge, and charisma. She is a woman of integrity, intelligent, fair, a fighter, a defender of human rights, who seeks, above all things, the well-being of those she has represented. Her hobbies include teaching Yoga at the beach.